Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dancing With Ostriches - Running Strong

As Marathon training looms ahead, I search desperately for a mental mascot to help me keep up with my Nut Job Running friends.

The people I run with salivate at the thought of yasso repeats and 22 milers in the pouring rain, while sometimes I think it would be so much nicer to just watch the storm from inside the house.

Thus the need for a mental mascot. I need something extra to keep me focused when I run. Especially when it all starts to turn ugly. This year, I'm picking an Ostrich to get me through it all.

Why the ostrich?

Because Ostriches are born to run (no offense, Bruce). Fast and strong, they can run up to 43 mph!

The ostrich secret? Their feet have only two toes for greater speed. I have five toes but I'm not going to let that stop me.

I need to run a sub four hour marathon to qualify for Boston. Sound easy? You're probably a nut job.

This year my plan is to pretend I am an ostrich, striding effortlessly along side my nut job partner, my head bobbing happily atop my long, soft, downy neck. I am matching the other runners, stride for stride, my feathers ruffling gracefully in the wind.

My real running partner (Nut Job #1) will keep me on track with our speed, distance and hill workouts, but sometimes you need an ace in the whole (or an ostrich in your head).

So, through the rain, the wind, and the Bond Lake hills, my partner and I will reach our goals together. He, through being a driven nut job (see picture on the left), and me, through being an ostrich.

That's my plan.

And you know, there's nothing quite like the smell of wet ostrich feathers at the end of a long run.


  1. Very good plan you have there. I could cut off a few of your toes with my riding mower, quick and easy. This should make for some great track workouts, jsut stay in your lane.

  2. Riding mowers aren't allowed on the track. There are rules, you know.

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