Saturday, October 9, 2010

What It Is To Be A Nut Job

      When you go for a run, you are never alone.  Every muscle in your body is right there with you.

     "Hi there, I'm your left quad.  I'm going to seize up on you. "

     "Say, have we met?  I'm your IT Band.  You'll be getting to know me better on the second loop."

      It hurts to push yourself.  Whether it is a marathon, an ultra marathon, or a super sick ultra triathlon Hawaiian double trail run backwards, the fact is that effort hurts. 

       But in a strange way, when you've finished your race,  the pain almost feels good.  It is proof that you did what you set out to do. 
       The challenge you assigned to yourself is over and now it's time to kick back and nurse your wounds, wallowing in your nut job victory. 

      Pain becomes nostalgia as it quietly subsides into a satisfying feeling.
      That is what it is to be a nut job.