Sunday, July 31, 2011

Training For The Beast

 "You can have your friends and eat them too."

   - The Cannibal

It has been an oppressive summer.  The heat and humidity, not to mention the thunder and lightning, made for some pretty rough runs. 

As we ready once again for the Summer Beast of Burden I can't help but wonder, "What the hell were we thinking?"

I am doing the Fifty Miler and Baba is doing the One Hundred.  

Who knows what the Cannibal is doing.  He claims he's not running it but I think that's just a ploy.

He will be out there, hiding in the bushes or underwater in the canal, sucking a reed, seeking the sick and vulnerable as the race turns ugly.

But we can't let the possibility of lightning strikes or cannibalism bother us.  Training is our priority.

Through the rain, the heat and the dark of night, nothing will stop us from our appointed runs.  

When race day comes I know the Cannibal will be out there somewhere, trying to trip us up so he can have his way with our toes, but the finish line is our boss and nothing will stop us from reaching it.

Bring it on Cannibal, bring it on.


  1. Even Shiva cannot know his plans. Maybe old age can stop him.

  2. Hey Cannibal, my toes are way older than the mules get hers!

  3. Way to throw me to the wolves!

  4. Be not concerned with the Cannibal, you all have your own demons to contend with! Haaa Haaa Haaa!!!!!!!! He'll be there when the gun goes off! Oh he'll be there all right!

  5. The Cannibal is in the hunt as of 8/11/11! Rest up Baba, it's going to be a looooong night on the 20th. 15 miles on the Erie Canal------!


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