Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ninja Running

Legendary Ninja Warrior, Baba Da Rahto, learned early the importance of running quietly.

To be invisible in a race cannot be overemphasized.

So how does one run quietly?

If there are stairs involved in the race, keep close to the wall and go on your toes only.  Even better get on all fours while ascending or descending, if  you can do it unnoticed.
 Distribute your weight evenly.

 Softly touch the ground, mid-foot, engaging the calf muscles for strength and stabilization.

Develop a habit of being constantly aware of your movements throughout the day.  When you hear yourself doing something, find out the cause of the noise and try it again more quietly.

As you continue to train, you will become more aware of your body and it's noises.  Remember the creed of the Ninja Runner -
Train hard and run soundlessly.


  1. Shiva believes it should be "NUN-ja" not ninja.

  2. Had to google that one. What I came up with was that Nunja is a Ninja Nun! Does Shiva have a secret life she's been hiding from us???

  3. Can't believe someone put my pic on her blog. I am in secret training for the Turkey Trot!


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