Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bond Lake Bonding

After five years of struggling (uphill) in the world of running, my alter ego reached a new height. Last saturday night the Bond Lake Athletic Club held its 9th Annual Banquet at Crazy Jakes in North Tonawanda.

A special ambiance filled the room over cocktails and dinner, followed by a bowl of vanilla ice cream with fudge sauce. One unnamed member (Clyde Ferguson) conned the waitress into giving him two servings of ice cream, while everybody else seemed quite satisfied with just one bowl apiece.

The room was filled with some of the best athletes in town. Jan Jezioro hosted the awards ceremony.

The Iron Man Hawaii went to Diane Sardes, with a tattoo on her leg to prove it.

Alan James was called up to the podium with his amazing speedwalking feat. The former Olympian was in Colorado at the US Olympic trials. Next there is Clyde (the guy that copped the extra bowl of ice cream) who ran the 50 miler ultra at Canandaigua Lake. The amazing Lost Key Award tie was quite suspenseful. And let's not forget about "Chainsaw Bob" Ryan.

So many wonderful people in one room at one time. I was in awe. It was a great mix of food, beer, athletic dedication and pure lunacy.

After attending my first Bond Lake Awards ceremony I have just one suggestion - how about adding "Best Heckler of the Evening" to next years awards?

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