Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Easy Run, Why Is Easy So Hard?

As we finish up week four of our marathon training, I'm wondering why this week was so tough.

Week four was supposed to be our down week before the training gets cranked up a notch.

Only three runs, five miles each, at a slow pace. Great theory. The problem?

I run with a nutjob. His idea of "easy" is a slow run uphill in a wind storm. Easy is my favorite pace and Dr. Nutjob's hardest challenge.

Keeping the injuries at bay is tougher for nutjobs because they don't like to back off. Full speed ahead is their game.

While I'm stopping to smell the roses, they're running by me, trampling the shit out of my garden.

So why do I keep running with them?

Because nutjobs are fun. Really, really fun. You have choices in life. Take it easy and safe or run with nutjobs.

To hell with the roses. I'm going with the nutjobs. If I break, I break.

Happy running, everyone.


  1. What seems to be easy for some is hard for others. Just pretend these easy runs are easy, only fast! Duh, running isn't that complicated. I liked it better when you had no sense of speed or distance. Oh well I still have my fun!

  2. Easy and fast? Okay, I'll try that on Thursday for our track workout - my mantra will be "This is soooo easy" as we do each lap.


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