Sunday, December 20, 2009

Run Long, Run Strong, Run Happy

"In 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.' Jack Nicholson is trying to pull out the drinking trough and use it to smash one of the barred windows to escape. One of the other patients said: 'Don't be stupid, you can't do that.' Jack replied, 'Yes I can, anything is possible.' He strained his guts out working at it for a few minutes with the veins sticking out of his neck. Of course he couldn't move the bloody thing. They all said: 'We told you that you couldn't do it.' Nicholson looked at them and said: 'At least I tried, you bastards.'

(quoted from Chris Wardlaw, 2:11 Australian marathoner. (Will-Weber's "Mind Over Matter" chapter.)

The Winter 100 is being held on February 27th in Western New York. Even if it wasn't being held in the dead of Winter it would still be a huge challenge. 50 to 100 miles. That's a lot of miles, no matter what the weather.

My favorite nutjob and I ran seven miles today. My journal will say "long run". Nutjob #1 will call it a short run. You say potato, I say french fries with ketchup.

Seven miles is a sneeze to N.J. and his friends. When they head out the door for a run in the sun, the moon is their guiding light back home.

Although distance running is not one of my stronger points, I promised my running partner that I would keep him company while he trains for his newest obsession.

How do you train for an Ultra?

One step at a time, and don't forget to laugh.

"The journey is the reward." - Chinese Proverb

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