Sunday, December 27, 2009

NutJob Of The Year

With the New Year almost here, it's time for the prestigious First Annual Nutjob of the Year award.   There are a lot of "interesting" people out there on the running trails.  How do you narrow it down to just one?

Basically, this award is all about the person that loves running so much, it turns them into an absolute nutjob. 

To attain Sainthood you must perform at least one miracle.

To become Nutjob of the Year you must have performed at least one mentally unstable running feat.

Not having the sense to come in out of the rain is a start, but there has to be more.  Do you think of a twenty miler in a blizzard as "fun"?  You're getting warmer.  Did you ever think it was okay to "run through" a stress fracture?  You're on your way.

There are many paths that lead to the land of Nutjobs.  I salute all of you for your courage, endurance and insanity throughout the year.  This award is all about you.

And this year's winner is . . .

Clyde Ferguson!

Was it running the Ultra through gastronomy problems that earned him the award?  Or how about living off of nuts and twigs on a Chi Running weekend with no beer or meat? 

No, it was running the Philadelphia Marathon as a bandit. Who runs a marathon as a bandit???

Clyde Ferguson, Nutjob of the year, that's who.

Congratulations Clyde. You're going to have lots of competition for next year's award. The Winter 100 Beast of Burden is looking to have more than a few contenders.

Just remember the nutjob creed - "If it ain't crazy, I ain't doin' it".


  1. That was a great blog. Probably your best yet. Clyde I salute you!

  2. I am proud and honored to be in his presence every day!

  3. They say, "behind every great man is a great woman" so I guess it's also true that "behind every nutjob is another nutjob".


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