Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crunch Running

Crunch, crunch, Crunch, crunch.

That was the background cadence as we ran a half loop of the upcoming Beast of Burden Ultra.
Twelve and a half miles along the blustery Erie Canal. 

The crunching sound I don’t mind. It’s the "crunch, crunch, splash" that I don’t like.

Running in snow and ice and whatever else the day decides to serve up is what Crunch Running is all about.

Learning to stay upright through quickly changing winter conditions.  Adjusting your stride, keeping your form, and shaking off the ice puddles.

As I train with the Three Amigos (Nutty, Nuttier, and Nuttiest) for their upcoming Ultra, I can only image what they will go through on February 27th. 

It's going to be one hell of a run.

Or as Dan "G-Man" Grayson said of the VHTRC Trac Run:  "The only safe place to be during this run, is someplace else."


  1. The crunch noises can be soothing and keep you on pace, however add in splashes and not so much.

  2. Still searching for the perfect waterproof running sock that will hold out on long distances.


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