Sunday, January 24, 2010

Eat, Run and be Healthy

Sacred cows make the best hamburger”  - Mark Twain


I love eating.  I run so I can eat.  I eat so I can run.

Anything that will help me keep up with my nutjob running friends is worth trying.

Super foods, core training, dark beer - whatever it takes to swallow all of those miles before they swallow me.

Today we will be running one loop of The Beast  (25 miles).

Ingredients for today's long run:  Chia seeds, Jack Lalanne Juicer, 5 bean soup.

Directions:  Mix chia seeds with fresh juice.  Let stand for ten minutes, then mix again.  Chill for half hour, then drink before the run. 

Have 5 Bean Soup simmering in crockpot.  It will be a warm welcome home after the run and great for refueling the body.

Best wishes in your training to all of the Beast of Burden runners.  February 27th is waiting for you with baited breath. 

Beware the angry mule.

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