Sunday, May 9, 2010

Baba Bukowski

Sitting around the Sneak Inn after a good run, Baba the Freak and I paged through a book I had just bought.

There is nothing quite so special as discovering an excellent book.

Whenever we run with the Cannibal I find myself writing down notes afterward.  It isn't notes on how to run efficiently or proper footwear for the trails.

No, it's usually a CD to listen to or a writer to check out.

Last Sunday, at the Cannibals urging, I found myself writing down the name "Charles Bukowski".

Researching him online, two facts about Charles Bukowski immediately caught my attention:
  1 - He used to work for the post office before becoming  a famous writer.
  2 - His first novel was titled "Post Office".

Having personally worked for the post office, I had to order the book.

I shared it with my mentor, Baba the Freak, who also has done time at the USPS.

The main character, a rebellious, alcoholic derelict, Hank Chinaski,  spoke to Baba's soul.

After perusing the pages, Baba is convinced that he has finally found his long lost father.  Baba the Freak is from here on after to be known as Baba Bukowski.  

It's a special thing when a man finds his roots.

Special note - Bucky the Cat would from now on like to be called "Bucky Bukowski"

What does this have to do with running?  Runners like beer.  Charles Bukowski drank a lot of beer.  Need I say more?

Salute - Baba Bukowski, may your runs go down as smoothly as your beers.

Upcoming Races:

Springville Stampede 5k - May 12, Wednesday, 6:30 PM
Buffalo Greek Fest 5k - May 21, Friday, 6:30 PM

Upcoming Ultras:
Summer Beast Of Burden 100 - Saturday, August 21
Oil Creek 100 - Saturday, October 16


  1. Baba looks tremendously excited.

  2. It's kind of low key at The Sneak Inn.

  3. I'm always excited! Working for the PO does that to you. We may need to quit running with the cannibal. He is putting strange thoughts into your head.

  4. Ahhhh, the contemplation of beer and Bukowski, just what one needs during a long run. They could save your soul, if it's not already gone!

    The Cannibal.


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