Monday, May 24, 2010

Quality and Effort in Running

After doing a seven mile run on the Pendleton Bike path with my favorite nut jobs, I came home and signed into my online running log.

I filled in the usual spots for miles, pace and the weather conditions and then I came to the spot where you fill in the quality and effort of your run on a scale of one to ten.

Generally I rate my runs at a six or a seven without too much thought.

But today we had been discussing quality while we were running. 

My main concern is usually about the miles.  How many for the day, the week, the month.

Quality and effort - I had to think about it. 

Was it a quality run?  Did I give it my all?  Was it an enjoyable experience?  Was it special?

After much thought I am crossing out the one to ten scale and drawing in a big smiley face.  If I'm smiling at the end, it was a good run.

Local Marathons:
Sehgahunda Trail Marathon - May 29, Saturday, 8:00 AM
Buffalo Marathon - May 30, Sunday, 7:00 AM

Upcoming Ultras: 
Summer Beast of Burden - Saturday, August 21
Oil Creek 100  - Saturday, October 16

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