Monday, June 21, 2010

Dangling Participles

Which one of these sentences isn't a dangling participle?

A.  Doing a mating dance for all to see, Baba The Freak watched the ostriches.
B.  The Cannibal ran, eating up the feet on his path.
C.  After boiling eggs for the woman's club, Shiva the Destroyer chopped them into pieces.

The answer to the test is of course - B.  Everybody knows that the cannibal really does eat feet (but that doesn't necessarily make him a bad person).

Why do I ask and what does this have to do with running?


Sometimes when  you are only on the second mile of a twenty two miler, and it's already going bad, you need to think about other things.

Some people do math in their head.  Others count their steps.  I like to dangle participles.

The point is, when the running gets tough, maybe you just need to stop thinking about running. 

This Weeks Local Races:
Best Of Eggertsville - June 22, Amherst NY
Run In the Mist - June 23,  Goat Island
APT Spring Into Summer - June 25, Lockport NY

Interesting Ultras:
Summer Beast Of Burden - August 21st, Lockport NY
Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs - October 16, Oil Creek PA

Links I Like:
Ships Cat
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