Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ultra Runners - What A Bunch Of Nut Jobs

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." - Joe Lewis

Ultra Runners live in a different sphere of life than the rest of us.

If you ask them, "How far do you want to run?" they will reply, "As far as you want."

Ask them, "Where do you want to run?" and they will say, "Wherever you want."

Ask, "What pace?" and you know what their answer will be?  You guessed it, "Whatever pace you would like to run."

Any distance, any time, any pace.

As for races, they seem to seek out the most challenging runs out there.  Fifty miles in the ice and snow?  They're there.  One hundred miles in the heat of summer?  Count them in.

Dante's Nine Circles of Hell?  Better sign up fast because that one will sell out for sure.

Nut jobs, it just wouldn't be an Ultra without them.

* On a personal note - I have experienced at least three of the nine circles of hell while doing long runs with ultra runners.

Upcoming Ultras:
Summer Beast 100 - August 21, Lockport NY
Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs - October 16, Oil Creek, PA

Local Events And Races:
Empire State Games - July 21 - July 25, Buffalo, NY
St. John Vianney 5k -  July 22, Orchard Park, NY
Tim Frank Memorial Canal Fest - July 22, North Tonawanda, NY
Crab Apple 5k Run - July 24, Stiglmeier Park, Buffalo, NY
The Lockport 100 Mile Team Relay - July 25, Lockport NY

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  1. Hey, it wasn't that hot out today! Better than snow.


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