Monday, September 6, 2010

Falling Into It

It's fall.   Summer is over.  It's no longer 90 degrees out with 85 percent humidity.  We are all human beings again.  The woods aren't overrun with deer flies and mosquitoes and the wall of heat doesn't attack us when we head out the door.  We don't have to carry bottles of ice water just to make it through a run.  

True, winter will be here soon enough, bringing it's own set of problems, but for now it is Fall and life is good for runners.

Everybody bow down and say thanks to the God of Fall Running.  Hail to thee, cooler weather, hail to thee.

Upcoming Fall Races:

Harvest Moon 5k - Pendleton NY - Sept. 8th, 6:30 PM
Lighthouse Baptist Church 5k -  North Tonawanda NY - Sept. 11th, Sat. 2:00 PM
Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs - Oil Creek Park PA - Oct. 16th