Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why It's Good To Run With Funny People

If you want to stay healthy you need to do more than just run every day.  You need to bring somebody funny with you. 

Having fun is more important than you think.  People sometimes assume "having fun" is something you get to do when you're not doing something important.  But consider this - smiling and laughing are good for you.

Smiling releases Endorphins, the feel good neurotransmitter, shooting confidence and satisfaction to your brain.   Every time you smile there is a measurable reduction in your blood pressure.

Laughing is even better than smiling.  It not only reduces your stress level but it also releases the hormone, serotonin, giving you an instant natural high.  Laughing releases fear and anxiety and has been shown to improve long term mental health.

Question - Do people who laugh while they run attain "runner's high" more often than solitary runners?

Running with Nut Jobs - if they don't kill you, they'll make you healthier!