Saturday, November 13, 2010


My "to do" list yesterday was hopelessly long but it was so nice outside (60 degrees and sunny in November!) that I just had to squeeze a few running miles into my schedule.

"I managed to get three miles in today," I told Baba, when he got out of work.

Being the competitive freak that he is, Baba was quick to point out that he just finished doing a 29 miler.

Of course the difference is that I was on foot, while he, on the other hand was just finishing his 29 mile mail route in his postal truck.

The miles don’t count if you’re driving them, Baba!

I realize that three miles isn't much, but while I was working up a sweat, he was merely burning gas.

In the end, the question isn’t, “How many miles did you get in?" but “Were you on foot?”

Final tally for the day:

Me - 3 honest miles
Baba - 29 cheater miles