Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Nut Job Of The Year

The judges have finally come out of the closet.  

Before announcing the 2010 Nut Job of the Year, let me make this perfectly clear.  I am in no way responsible for the judges final decision so do not complain, threaten or plot physical harm against me if you feel cheated.  Remember, there is always 2011.

As for 2010, there were many contenders.

Baba the Freak was looking good after running three ultras with bare minimum training and a possible heart condition to boot, but the doctor cleared him, so he's out.  

Roger definitely had a good shot, making 2010 his year of the ultras, but with the production of a video he turned pro, dq'ing himself from the Nut Job podium, as it is an award for the non professional nut job only.

Then there was the Cannibal, last year's winner.  Reclaiming his soul at the Oil Creek 100, he victoriously burned his race bib at the spot where he had dropped out the year before, to the delighted cheers of the aide station workers at Miller's Farm. 

At the rut race,  the Cannibal dressed up as a bear and scared the running shorts off of Scott Patterson.   

Then there was the fat ass race in Rochester, where the Cannibal fell to the ground, faking convulsions, just a few yards from the finish line with Roger in the lead.  Roger gave up his first place spot and turned back instead to help his old pal, whereby said pal jumped up and ran to the finish line, beating Roger by a hair.

I could go on and on about the Cannibal's nut job feats of 2010, but why bother.  The choice is clear.

The 2010 Nut Job of the Year award goes to . . . .


 Shiva the Destroyer Ferguson.

She not only was crazy enough to marry the Cannibal, but she has STAYED married to him for four plus years!  You'd have to be a nut job to put up with that guy.

Congratulations Shiva.  You truly earned the Golden Squirrel.

And good luck to all contenders for the upcoming year.

Note to Shiva - We would like to present the award to you next Sunday, January 12th at the tow path zero mile marker if you are available.  Black tie is optional.  

Note to the Cannibal - when we say Black Tie, we don't mean JUST a black tie.

To Roger, Clyde and Baba - thanks for the nut job memories.  See you in 2011.


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  3. While I am devastated that I didn't win the award this year, I'd like to congratulate Shiva on her selection. I was honored to house the award all of 2010. I'll be back in 2011 and be back strong! "All hail Shiva!", but keep your eye on the Squirrel, sinister forces are at work!


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