Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Golden Squirrel Presentation

It all began properly enough at the presentation of the Golden Squirrel Awards on Sunday.  

Last year's winner paid his respect to "The Master Squirrel", as was custom, remembering to kneel in the snow in homage to the suffering of nut job runners worldwide.

But then it came time to hand the coveted statue over to the new victor.

And that's when it got ugly.

The red eyes glowed on the squirrel as it smelled the scent of a battle.

Handing over the title is never an easy thing.

Shiva the Destroyer faced off against the Cannibal.

They fought with a viciousness unusual to see in a church parking lot.  

But what could have escalated into an epic battle was quickly downgraded to a misunderstanding on the Cannibals part as he was persuasively led to realize that it was time to give up the squirrel.

After claiming her hard earned statue, Shiva went off on her own to reflect on what this new honor would mean in her life.  Would it change her?  Would she succumb to the squirrel's strange and evil ways?  Only time will tell.


Meanwhile, the losers took to the tow path to drown their sorrows in the wind and snow.

And so a new year begins.


  1. The years come and go and a new years begins. 2011 brings new hopes, dreams and challenges. Yes my "Precious", I see you sitting on the mantel above the crackling fire, I feel your presence. The quest continues, 2011 is here and soon you will be back to whom you rightful belong!

    Long live the Cannibal!

  2. Beware the squirrels eyes. It's been said if you meet his gaze before sleeping he can enter your dreams. He then plants his dangerous ideas in your subconscious, letting you think they're your own.

  3. They say the same about the mules eyes. Why are they always red? Great time yesterday and glad to be back running.


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