Sunday, January 30, 2011

Runner's Block

Ever find yourself in a runner's block?  Suddenly running loops just doesn't seem fun anymore.  You have a bad case of  the  runner's block blues.  So what to do about it?


 (the symbol representing the conjunction word, "and")

That's right, no more boring loops.  

Today we're going to run in an ampersand pattern.  I've mapped it out.  Instead of  just looping in circles, we're going to follow an ampersand pattern on the map and see where it takes us.

This week, ampersand, next week, question mark.

We'll break out of this runner's block, one punctuation mark at a time.


  1. Shiva feels that this post puts you in the front-runner position for Nutjob of the Year 2011.

  2. This post tells me that I need to get out more.


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