Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Normally when I discuss pain it has something to with running and the nut jobs that cause it, but today's pain was all my fault.

Instead of going for a run on my day off, I instead went to 
the dentist.


I am not a dentist kind of person.  Is anybody a dentist kind of person?  If you like going to the dentist, email me.  Type "I like going to the dentist" in the subject line.  You could well be a contender for the 2011 Nut Job of the Year Award.

Anyway, to get through this dreaded appointment I culled my memory bank of lessons learned while running.

When we ran Oil Creek and I found myself running along the cliff of insanity I told myself that if I survived this race I would never be afraid of anything else, ever again.

So this morning while getting ready for my dental appointment I decided to wear the trail shoes that got me out of the mountain at Oil Creek State Park.  Surely the shoes would provide me with the courage I needed.

I also needed a mantra.  I settled on one of my favorite marathon mantras - "this isn't going to hurt at all".

I am happy to report that I survived the ordeal.  Turns out the dental technician was also a runner and talked me through the hour and a half (!) visit with a mind over matter lecture.

Once again, a runner gets me through a difficult time.

Thanks, Shannon.

And thanks, trail shoes.


  1. Shiva does not like pictures of dental implements; however, she is glad you survived the visit.

  2. Dental implements are way too scary! We need a Star Trek kind of instrument that just scans and cures you instantly. You're retired. You have the time to work on it, see what you can come up with. Thanks.

  3. As ambassador of the Golden Squirrel Award, I believe you need to adopt a cause for the year. Perhaps Dental Innovation could be your theme.


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