Sunday, March 20, 2011

Walking With Nut Jobs

First day of Spring and out the door we went, Baba, myself and the recovering Cannibal.

We walked four miles on the towpath.  Yes, you heard me right, we walked.

When you can’t run, walk.  If you can’t walk, crawl.  (If it wasn’t for crawling I may not have finished the 50k at Oil Creek.)

The Cannibal hasn't been cleared to run yet but hopefully this week his doctor will give him the thumbs up.

If not, Clyde will fire him and find someone that will give him the thumbs up.

 The best advice I ever got for finishing anything was to just keep moving forward.  

Today we began our move forward.  Happy Spring, everyone.


  1. Shiva walked 4 miles today, also. At a decent hour of the day (1:30pm) Baba looks like he's gonna keel over in the pic with the Cannibal.

  2. Saw this on an ultra page and thought of you...:

    "I don't care about the time – I just want to finish. If you run ultra races you soon find yourself with like-minded people (nutters) talking about 100K events, 50-milers and 24-hour races as completely reasonable. To the rest of the world you are a still nutter, but at least you are amongst friends! I prefer ultras to short races. The people are friendly, you have more time to enjoy the views, and you can walk up the hills! – Richard (Aussie) Crane"

  3. Thanks for sending the quote, it is so true! Ultra Runners are in their own world, a strange and friendly world well worth stepping into. Love the term "Nutters"! "Running Wuth Nutters" Hmmmmmm . . .


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