Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Friends

As I step outside for my daily run, my usual friends are there to greet me - wind and hills. Yes, these are my friends, at least that's what my human running partners tell me.

"The wind is your friend, Sheri."

"Hills are your friend, Sheri."

"Oh look, Sheri, there's your friend, Tornado."

I'm no genius, but I'm thinking I need to get new friends.

As we run past corner diners and cozy, darkened bars, they say things like "That's a great place to stop and have a beer," or "They make a great hamburger there," but nobody ever actually stops.

Even if you're REALLY REALLY tired and there is a conveniently located bench up ahead, everybody just runs right past it.

Do you know how many picnic benches we pass on a regular basis? The benches are there - right there! But nobody EVER stops.

Lesson #3- You're never allowed to sit down and rest midway through a run, so don't even ask.

Tell me those benches don't look inviting?!

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