Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Problem Solving

A running friend of mine once said that running is a series of problem solving.

I realize how true that is every time I run.

I have a lot of problems. From correcting bad running form to overdressing, to trying to keep up with people that run faster than me, problem solving is my only hope.

The key to moving forward (and that is my basic goal when I run) is to figure out what is wrong whenever a problem pops up. What hurts? Why? What can I do about it?

Here are a few sample problems and solutions.

Note - some of the solutions are ones that I came up with and others are solutions from my nut job, running obsessed friends. You figure out which is which.

Problem: It's 20 below zero and I'm really cold.
Solution: Run Faster.

Problem: I'm tired and my running partners are showing no signs of fatigue.
Solution: Pretend your sneaker became untied. As you bend over to tie it, take deep breaths and tie slowly.

Problem: The inside of my right ankle hurts.
Solution: You're tired and losing control of your basic body functions. Pick up your feet and stop kicking your right ankle with your left foot.

Problem: I can't keep up with the running group. They're referring to me as "the anchor" and "dead weight" and threatening to throw me over the falls.
Solution: Run alone.

Many problems will come up in your running career but don't worry. For every problem there is a solution.

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