Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who's Running In Your Shoes?

Sneakers lots and lots of sneakers.

I just finished moving. As I'm unpacking boxes and totes and bags, I keep coming upon more stashes of sneakers. How did I accumulate so many of them? I own a ridiculous amount of sneakers.

Looking into my hallway, you would think 20 or 30 people live here, but it is just my cat and I. And the cat doesn't wear sneakers.

What do you do with the overflow? Donate

There are many places that would love to have your gently used shoes - gentle? running? I've never run with a gentle group of runners, but anyway - here are a few great places to recycle your abundance of sneakers:

The Nike site has a great "Where It Is" feature. Just type in US and your zip code and they will find a drop off location near you. If the shoes are too worn down to run in, they will grind them up for other uses.

This site is for donating to runners in need all over the world. A Kenyon could someday be running in your shoes.

I can't run a 15 minute 5k, but maybe someday my sneakers will.

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  1. Take 'em to the Shoes for the Shelter 5K.


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