Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Hills (Part 2 of Running Hills In Western New York)


I think that I shall never swill
A beer as lovely as a hill.

A hill whose hungry path is steep
And makes my poor knees want to weep;

A hill that calls me up to play,
And makes me want to kneel and pray;

A hill that calls in summers' heat
Come on up, this can't be beat;

Upon whose bosom snow may lay,
or rain or wind or hail today;

Hills are run by nuts like you
So come on up, it's what you do.

By Sheri Graziano (With apologies to Joyce Kilmer)

What do nutjob runners love more than hills? More hills!

Here is another place to check out in the Western New York Area if you're interested in running hills (and if you're a nutjob, I know you are).

Lewiston Reservoir Hills

Location - Reservoir State Park Rtes 265 & 31 Lewiston , NY 14092

This is a great place to do hill repeats. It also features a large soccor field with some trail running on the side. Just don't run too close to the Water Authority building. The guards are armed and serious!
Next Week - Pow Hill


  1. Nice little poem, very creative. Wanted to hear about POW hill but no post. Guess you are too busy this week.

  2. Sorry about the delay in the Pow Hill post - I'm in the midst of moving - mind, body and soul are all completelty engaged in insanity right now. Pow Hill post coming soon.


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